Haglofs Ridge II GORE-TEX Women's Walking Shoes - AW16 TLYE963

Haglofs Ridge II GORE-TEX Women's Walking Shoes - AW16 TLYE963

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Product Details
Haglofs Ridge II GORE-TEX Women's Walking Shoes
A light trail walking shoe made from soft and comfortable leather. Developed in cooperation with ASICS.
Gore-Tex Upper
The upper of the Haglofs Ridge II Gore-Tex Women's Walking Shoes is constructed with a 1.2 mm oiled nubuck for added durability. The Ridge II is developed with the Gore-Tex membrane which is an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE). It has over 9 billion pores per square inch. It's these pore that gives the GORE-TEX fabric its characteristics. Wet fabrics rob your body warmth and the GORE-TEX fabrics are durably waterproof, allowing you to stay dry and enjoy your activity in comfort. Gore-Tex believes waterproof products shouldn't leak- and what is more, that this quality is retained over the entire lifetime of the product.
For when you are out on rocky terrains, the shoes will protect you from any loose rocks or debris as it features a rubber reinforced toe and heel. Lastly, the heel collar lining is developed with Ecsaine which provides enhanced comfort and durability, while additionally lined with breathable polyester to ensures ventilation, keeping the feet feeling cool and dry.
SpEVA Midsole
The SpEVA midsole material is the optimised version of the traditional ASICS EVA material. It consists of rubber-like macromolecules that extremely quickly regenerate after each impact and assume their original shape. The next step is permanently effectively cushioned and the forward movement of the foot is accelerated. For extra comfort, the Ridge II features GEL rear front cushioning for good shock absorption. They are made from fatigue-proof silicone material resulting in a consistently high inertia of the GEL components when subjected to pressure. The material's inertia stabilises the roll-over movement upon first ground contact.
The midsole is also fitted with a Strobel construction with an EVA board for a lightweight and comfortable feel, while the stablelite ESS chassis adds stability and torsion control.
AHAR+ Outsole
With the I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) in the outsole, it allows the foot to perform in a more natural manner from heel to toe movement. This technology is based on 3 principles: Contact, Midstance and Propulsion. The outsole of the Ridge II is developed with AHAR+ which is a new compound of blown ASICS High Abrasion Resistant Rubber. This material is used in high-friction areas of the shoe, which cuts down on excessive wear. Don't worry about getting caught out when the weather turns bad as the outsole is fitted with Wet Grip Rubber with rice husks. The rubber is made from a special blend of organic and non-organic components, designed to enhance traction even on wet surfaces.
1.2 mm Oiled Nubuck
- Offers durability.
Gore-Tex Membrane
- Allows you to stay dry and enjoy your activity in comfort.
Reinforced Toe and Heel
- For added protection against loose rocks.
Ecsaine Heel Collar Lining
- For comfort and best durability
- Improves bounce back characteristics and decrease midsole breakdown.
GEL Rearfoot Cushioning
- For good shock absorption.
Strobel Construction
- With an EVA board for a lightweight and comfortable feel.
Stablelite ESS Chassis
- For stability and torsion control.
- Allows the foot to perform in a more natural manner.
- Used on the heavy contact areas of the outsole.
Wet Grip Rubber
- With rice husks for improved grip in wet conditions.
- 385 g 1/2 pair (size UK 5)

Care Instructions
Cleaning: It is important to clean Haglofs' various footwear ranges using a soft sponge under lukewarm running water; dry the footwear off with a rag. For best comfort and foot climate, also clean the inside of the footwear now and then using a soft brush and lukewarm water. Remove the footbed before washing. To speed up drying, fill each boot or shoe with newspaper and let the paper absorb the majority of the moisture before removing it to allow the footwear to finish drying. Regardless of whether you clean the inside or outside, make sure your footwear dries at room temperature, never with the aid of a heater or drying cabinet (excessive heat may for instance cause the leather to crack). Cleaned footwear is best stored at room temperature using a shoe tree. Never store dirty shoes.Before first use, treat boots and shoes with waterproofing, including the laces and tongue. After drying, brush Nubuck and suede products with a suede brush to regain that buffed look. A suede brush can also be used for lighter cleaning. Treat the cleaned surfaces of boots and shoes regularly with waterproofing. Some agents are best applied to the surface while it is still a little damp and the leather pores are open so that the waterproofing is able to penetrate in depth (follow the instructions on the packaging). It is advantageous to treat Nubuck and suede boots and shoes with wax for extra protection against moisture and wear; note that this will cause the surface to darken and take on a different appearance - this is perfectly normal.
Manufacturer product code
- HGL4956503F5